Structural Engineering

Raudenbush Engineering, Inc. performs structural analysis and design of buildings for commercial, industrial, residential and governmental projects. Services include conceptual design development, analysis of chosen structural system, and preparation of final design package. Construction documents are generated showing detailed plans, elevations, sections and details as well as technical specifications. Offering designs of all types of structural systems with materials such as reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and wood. Designs are in accordance with the governing building codes and meet applicable guidelines such as AISC, ACI, etc. Analysis of existing buildings and structures for renovation is also provided.

  • Structural analysis and design of buildings
  • Construction Documents for structures including plans, elevations, sections, details and specifications
  • Structural design for building renovations, additions and new construction
  • Structural survey and analysis of existing building modifications and evaluations
  • Construction phase services including shop drawing review, field views, varied condition resolution and punch-list development
  • Structural investigations of historic and vintage buildings
  • Conceptual development thru construction services provided to architects, construction contractors and facility operators
  • Design of light gauge steel systems
  • Cold formed framing design
  • Design of HVAC and mechanical support systems
  • Specialized experience with solar units and green roof systems