Raudenbush has been invited to submit proposal for Middletown P3 project

Raudenbush, as part of the Keystone Connections team, has been invited to submit a detailed proposal for the commercial development of the 17 acre site adjacent to the proposed new Middletown train station. This development team includes; Cedarwood Development Inc., Star America Capital Advisor, LLC, Raudenbush Engineering, Inc., JEM Group, LLC, U.S. Facilities, Inc., and Walker Parking Consultants/Engineers, Inc. As with the P3 process PennDOT will draft an RFP to Keystone Connections that once finalized will determine the criteria for the group to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the developed facilities.

This P3 project would involve development of 400 parking spaces as well as commercial properties around the Middletown, PA train station, the Emaus St. extension, and a pedestrian bridge over PA 230. This project will complement the ongoing work to enhance the Keystone Corridor that PennDOT, AMTRAK and Norfolk-Southern are doing to build the new train station.

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