Melanie Berry, P.E. now a certified Bridge Safety Inspector

Berry Melanie

Raudenbush is pleased to announce that Melanie Berry, P.E. has successfully completed PennDOT’s Bridge Safety Inspector Certification Course. Completion of this 3 week course fulfills the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) comprehensive bridge inspection training requirements. This course provides training on the safety inspection of in-service bridges; instruction on critical findings, their identification and response; as well as curriculum on PennDOT’s element-level inspection approach. As part of this course attendees also complete a 3 day session on specifics of the PennDOT’s Bridge Management System (BMS2).


Melanie J. Berry, P.E. is the Bridge Group Manager for Raudenbush Engineering, Inc.  She manages the day-to-day operations of the bridge group.  Ms. Berry is responsible for overseeing, directing, and mentoring the technical performance of the bridge group as well as performing project bridge discipline lead roles, bridge design, bridge inspection and design quality control.   She is also responsible for project budgets, business development, and staffing related to the general operation of the bridge group.