Jeremy Boozer, E.I.T. is now a NHI certified drill inspector

Raudenbush Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that Jeremy Boozer, E.I.T. of our New Stanton, PA office is now a NHI certified inspector for subsurface investigation in the following states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Minnesota, North Carolina and on federal projects. Jeremy recently attended and completed the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and National Highway Institute’s (NHI) Subsurface Investigation Qualification course. This course follows FHWA guidelines and practices for subsurface investigation and addresses all the aspects of dealing with exploration of soil and rock below a site. It covers exploration equipment and methods, safety, borehole sealing, drilling and sampling requirements and criteria, proper visual classification and description of soils and rocks, common drilling errors, and dealing with difficult subsurface site conditions. With this certification, Jeremy can confidently explain and identify the major components of subsurface investigation as well as the importance of coordination and communication with field personnel and engineers.