Raudenbush project wins 2015 Award of Merit

2015 award of merit


Raudenbush Engineering Inc. is proud to announce that they were part of the award winning team; HDR, Mackin Engineering, JMT, Golden Triangle, and The Burns Group, on the SR 79-20H South Junction Project. The District 12 project won the 2015 Award of Merit from American Society of Civil Engineers Pittsburgh Section. Raudenbush provided design services, drill inspection, laboratory testing on soil and rock & data analysis, four structure foundation reports, construction consultation, and Right-of-Way.

The Award of Merit is given to any engineering project that falls into the general category of Civil Engineering and is considered worthy of recognition by the following criteria: Contributions to well-being of people and community; Resourcefulness in planning and solution of design problems; Pioneering in use of materials and methods; Innovations in construction; Consideration of impact on environment; Unusual aspects and aesthetic values; Within section boundaries; and Award made for the year that the project goes into service. Projects submitted, but not selected for, the Civil Engineering Achievement Award are also automatically considered for the Award of Merit.

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